First gravelride 'De Koareltjes van Wijndaele'

10/11/2019 - Taverne Stadhuis - Alberic Deleustraat 15 - 8820 Wijnendale/Torhout - Subscripe 18.50€



Our first gravelride - 75 km - through the beautiful woodland around Torhout.

We start @ 07.30u in our clubroom with breakfast and coffee.

Groupstart at 08.30u. Not for racing but just for the great feeling.

On the road there will be 2 supply zones to refill.

After a great ride we offer you a hot shower, a cold beer and a delicious home made spaghetti.

Then it's time to make some new friends and chill. 

It will be a great sunday experience. 

ONLY 75 entrys! also for chill MTB ryders.




*This is not a race, but a (open/freely) group start  to encourage the group feeling.

*Please no garbage on the tracks please.

*Every participant is insured by Cycling Vlaanderen.

*For insurance purposes, wearing a helmet is mandatory. 

*The track doesn't have any signalisation. You will receive a gpx-file a week before the event.

*Please always follow instructions given by the organisation and law enforcement and always follow traffic regulations.

*Bike and gear should be equipped to ride off road on both gravel -, paved- and forest roads.

*Riders agree that the organisation, 'VZW De Koareltjes van Wijndaele', can freely use photos, videos and recordings made during the event.

*'VZW De Koareltjes van Wijndaele' cannot be held liable/responsible for any damage or loss of personal possessions before, during or after the ride.

*Every Participant may cancel his/her registration (at least 20 day before the event). The registration fee will be refunded, yet an administrative cost of €5 will be charged.

*Every ticket can be hand over to another participant, but the organisation should be notified with all the details of the new participant (at least 20 day before the event).